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Enabling innovation by connecting you with your data

Solar Fusion is a single platform that integrates seamlessly with solar technologies and hardware, giving you easy access to all of your data. We handle the interaction, so that you can focus on innovation.

Why try Solar Fusion?

Maximise your data

Solar Fusion provides you with access to all of your data in a standardised format, allowing you to harness the power of the information that you're collecting and gain valuable insights.

Avoid vendor lock-in

With Solar Fusion's platform, vendor lock-in is a thing of the past. We integrate with industry leaders, allowing you the freedom to choose the solution that's best for your business.

Skip the costly integrations

With solar's diverse landscape of technologies, integrations are costly and time-consuming. Let us take care of the integrations, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Invest in differentiators

The solar market is still wide open - what will differentiate your business? Spend less time building services that meet expectations, and more time investing in standing out from the crowd.

Gain speed to market

In this new and exciting market, speed is everything. Let Solar Fusion give you a head start, so that you can innovate faster and get to market sooner.

Prepare for the future

With the advent of prosumers, the Internet of Things and innovation on the edge of the grid, the future of the energy industry is bright. Solar Fusion provides a foundation so you're ready to embrace every new opportunity.

Who is Solar Fusion for?


Solar Providers

With a host of integrations, Solar Fusion gives you instant access to all of your data, leaving you to focus on providing world-class service to your customers.


Energy Utilities

For energy utilities looking to diversify, Solar Fusion provides the perfect platform for you to start transforming while performing.


Clean Tech Startups

Our standardised API forms the perfect foundation for your clean-tech venture.


Innovators, visionaries & game-changers

If you're looking to innovate or create the next big thing in the solar industry, Solar Fusion is the place to start.

Interested? Solar Fusion is currently in development and will be ready soon. Get in touch to find out more!

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